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Four Tips For Selling Your Gold Successfully

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Selling gold is definitely something worth considering if you have any of the precious metal from an old piece of jewelry or if you have old gold coins you are looking to trade in. Whatever the case, having gold is a great investment, but only if you know how to sell it properly, which, unfortunately, many people do not. Here are four tips to help you sell your gold successfully:

Determine What Type of Item You Have: First off, you need to know what type of item you have. If it's a gold coin and you aren't sure where it came from or what year it's from, you'll want to do your research first. If it's a piece of gold jewelry, you should know how much gold it's made with, which is the karat of the item. There should be a karat stamp on the jewelry. If not, it might have been custom made or the stamp may have worn off over time. 

Contact Multiple Gold Buyers: All gold buyers are going to work differently. Some will find your item desirable while others may not. Whatever the case may be, you want to contact multiple to ensure that you sell to someone you are both comfortable with and that will provide you the best price for your item. Do this by calling or emailing rather than visiting in person since it could just be a waste of time that will lead to frustration that could lead to you selling your gold for less than what you deserve. 

Visit the Gold Buyers: Once you have narrowed down which gold buyers you want to work with based on the quotes, you want to visit in person, starting with your number-one choice. When you visit a gold buyer in person, this is when your gold will be weighed, and they will provide a more accurate offer. If it's off from the number you were quoted, then negotiate. Always negotiate because it could lead to selling your gold for much more. However, if the number is way under what you were originally quoted, then look elsewhere. 

Be Confident: Gold buyers want your gold, so don't be intimidated if they say no to what you negotiate with. Some buyers will attempt to make you feel as if your gold isn't worth what you believe it to be. Keep in mind that you have done your research, so you know the facts and be ready to walk out. Chances are, they will call you right back ready to take your offer. 

With these four tips, you are sure to make the most from your investment.