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ATM Rental Security Tips For Special Events

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One of the challenges of renting an ATM for a while is cash replenishment. When your cash is replaced, you will be handling a lot of it and there will be a risk that someone may try to get their hands on some of it. You will need to have security measures in place to keep your ATM rental and your cash safe.

Vary The Times In Which You Replenish 

Make sure that the times where you replenish your cash vary. If you replenish your cash at the same time, robbers will use these times as an opportunity to strike. Replenish the cash at different times and on different days. 

Check The Money

Before replenishing the money, make sure to look through it to ensure that everything is okay. Make sure that there is no play money mixed in with the actual cash. Perform a random audit of bills to make sure none of it is counterfeit. If you discover that real money has been swapped with fake money, you will have to get to the bottom of who is responsible.

Choose A Secure Location

Place the ATM in a location indoors where it is less likely that it will be burglarized. Also, do not advertise that you have an ATM after the event is over by keeping a sign in place that reads "ATM." Use a safe to store cash that will be used for replenishment and make sure that the combination is routinely changed on the safe. You will also need to place the ATM in a location where it is convenient and where your guests will know where it is. The good thing is that you usually do not need to deliver and remove the ATM yourself, since this is most often handled by professionals.

Don't Rent For Too Long

Ideally, you should rent an ATM for only as long as you need it. This will reduce the risk of attracting criminals. But with the right practices put in place, your ATM will be less likely to be robbed.

Work Quickly

Make sure to work at a brisk pace when changing the ATM. When it is discovered that you are changing the ATM, a robber may be more likely to strike. Know the process of changing the ATM really well so you can do so quickly. Some ATM rental services may have a technician who will change the money in the ATM for you.